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Welcome to trinity1 fm, WNCF, "your station for inspiration"

WNCF is a Christian radio station dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world via ENCOURAGING God-centered music and Bible-based preaching.
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Mission Statement 
This radio ministry is to engage in a daily worship of JESUS CHRIST. To proclaim the good news of the gospel by means of contemporary Christian music and gospel singing. To maintain a constant presence of God and to encourage the believers to continually worship Jesus in spirit and in truth. To bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ 
Trinity1 FM is here to:
Worship Jesus, 
Grow believers in their walk with Christ,
Reaching out to non-Christan, build them up  to be all that God has ordained them to be and bring them to have a personal relationship with Christ JESUS...
Connect: sharing together in fellowship and other Christian events
We welcome sponsorship: 
We are a listeners supported non-Comercial Christian radio ministry, please join us today with a financial commitment. Thank you